About Us

Cyber Security Africa Distribution (CSAD) is an industry-leading value-added Distributor with a single-minded focus – the mitigation of information security risk for our clients. We focus our attention on niche, generally complex and certainly relevant security solutions, aimed predominantly at enterprise and mid-market clients. We pride ourselves on being small enough to remain agile and large enough to apply a dedicated approach to each client experience.

This, backed by trusted international vendors and globally recognised channel partners, is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our consultative approach ensures we understand the long-term goal of our end-user’s, while maintaining collaborative relationships with our selected integration partners, thereby enabling us to provide effective long-term solutions.

A keen understanding of this ever-evolving Cyber Security industry, with all its technologies, innovations, threats and solutions positions us as “future-proof” to clients, while maintaining availability to attend to their more immediate needs.

Cyber Security Africa Distribution (CSAD) services the continent of Africa, ensuring invaluable local market knowledge and on-the-ground response. We have a presence in the following countries, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Egypt and Mauritius. We pride ourselves on only taking on business we believe we can excel in.


As an industry-leading Value Added Distributor, we provide our full attention to each of our Vendors and only partner with the very best

Policies and Procedures

Information Security Policy (ISP) is a set of rules enacted by an organization to ensure that all users or networks of the IT structure within the organization’s domain abide by the prescriptions regarding the security of the company

  1.  Building Policies and Procedures in consultation with the IT team and C Level
  2. Creating controls for policies
  3. Ensuring Policies secure the environment without impacting on business operations
  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Clean Desk Policy

  • Data Breach Response Policy

  • End User Encryption Key Protection Policy

  • Password Construction Guidelines

  • Security Response Plan Policy

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Policy

  • Digital Signature Acceptance Policy

  • Ethics Policy

  • Email Policy

  • Pandemic Response Planning Policy

Framework Implementation

We offer 5 main frameworks to our clients.

Each framework dictates the method through which each branch of security services and technologies are delivered. This ensures that all services are delivered adhering to business industry standards and that the best steps are taken to mitigate against a cyber security threat.

  1. International Standards Organization and internationally most common
  2. US National Institute of Standards , compulsory for all US government organs
  3. Centre for Internet Security, focuses on controls
  4. Resource for Information Security Training – large amount of controls”
  5. Web application framework, most common internationally

Security Posture Assessment

The CIS Critical Security Controls are a relatively small number of prioritized, well-vetted, and supported security actions that organizations can take to assess and improve their current security state.

CIS Critical Security Controls are informed by actual attacks and effective defences and reflect the combined knowledge of experts from every part of the ecosystem

  • CIS 20 Controls
  • Assess Current Security Maturity
  • Assess ability to survive an attack
  • Assess integrity of information should an attack occur

Meet the Team

Head Office

Rogers House
5 President John Kennedy Street,
Port Louis

Martin Britz

Managing Director

Sonja Helwick

Head Group Marketing

Gayle Britz

Regional Manager SADC

Adriaan van den Burgh

Partner Account Manager Egypt
T +20 10323236085 or M +27 82 751 4388

Saad Guessous

Regional Manager Maghreb & French Africa
M +212 661 419 401

Susan Ndungu

Regional Manager East Africa
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Femi Ibine

Regional Manager English West Africa
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